Tarzana Skin Care & Electrolysis


The Flexible Insulated Bulbous Probe – the first step in perfecting permanent hair removal

The creation of the flexible insulated bulbous probe provided a safe and accurate way to deliver the specific amount of current needed to destroy the dermal papilla (the hair root) and enable the removal of each hair from its follicle without any damage to surrounding glands, muscles or skin. Because the probe bends and has a bulbous tip (not a needle), it even works on the difficult, curved follicles of curly ingrown hairs.

Permanent hair removal

If that’s what you want, there’s only one solution. Electrolysis. The only hair removal process proven to be permanent in clinical trials.


Why not laser?

The FDA states that lasers cannot permanently remove hair. In fact, the word “permanent” cannot be used in laser treatment advertising. And laser treatment is painful. It cannot be used on black or very dark complexions without scarring. Laser is totally ineffective on grey, white, blonde and red hair, and the best it can do on dark hair is to lighten it. The hair will re-grow as stubble, so the skin will never be smooth, soft and hair-free.

It enables safe, permanent results. This totally unique and patented Integrated System® of hair removal works instantly and permanently. The root of the hair is destroyed, so each hair will never grow back. It works safely on any hair and skin color and, remarkably, the Lucy Peters® system is effective for curly and ingrown hair.